We are an international advertising agency operating in the market of marketing services for online businesses. "CYBER OASIS CONSULTANCY" helps B2C oriented brands to get more orders through the world's leading advertising platforms: FB, Instagram, KWAI, Google. We are confident in our abilities and always work for the result!

"CYBER OASIS CONSULTANCY" began to work in 2021 as a specialized lead generation team within a large online advertiser. Having achieved excellent results in our activities, we decided to start our own business and use the accumulated experience in the open market.
Since 2022, the agency has been providing promotion services to various brands in the e-commerce and digital segments using the CPA/CPM model.
Social media advertising
Creation and management of social media advertising campaigns, including targeting, placement of advertising materials, analysis and optimization of results.

Creative design and supervising video production

Develop social media promotional materials including images, videos, carousels and other formats that can capture the attention of potential customers.
and reporting
Monitoring the effectiveness of advertising campaigns, analyzing data and creating reports on brand promotion.
Finding and placing brand integrations with popular social media influencers.
and Strategy
Assisting clients in developing advertising strategies, market and competitor research, and marketing advice.
Manage communities, including creating content, responding to comments and messages, and maintaining engagement with subscribers.
The advertising agency has experts in marketing, advertising and promotion who have experience with various brands. This means that the agency can provide a company with in-depth knowledge and understanding of what strategies might work for a particular brand and market.
Expertise and Experience
We can take on the bulk of the development and management of an advertising campaign, allowing brands to focus on their core business goals and save their time and resources.
Saving time
and resources
We are not afraid to work on pay-for-result models.
Quality of work
We have access to technologies and tools that can help you improve the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns.
Technologies and tools
An advertising agency can provide a neutral view of a company and its brand, which can help identify problems and find solutions to improve its market position.
Neutral View
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Dmitry Kruglikov
is the founder and head of CYBER OASIS CONSULTANCY. More than 10 years of experience in the social media segment. He went from solo media buyer to team lead and head of media buying in the most prominent advertiser. Knows and knows how to effectively set up advertising campaigns to bring profit to the advertiser!
Vlad Foodman
is the serial entrepreneur and founder of several online and offline projects specializing in consulting, marketing and geomarketing. Forbes columnist and speaker at international conferences. Responsible for marketing, sales and strategic development.
Tatyana Dyatlova
is the team leader with more than 5 years of experience in social media, has experience in managing teams of freelance media buyers of more than 50 people.